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Are you blind Dating !


So, going on a fist date, a bit excited or should I say nervous or having fear of facing the unexpected or unacceptable. Well it happens and can be avoided too if you prepare yourself accordingly. Over a period you become more mature and know how to handle situation and react.

Make sure you make a right selection of outfit and accessories, as first impression has a very big impact. The first impression last forever in most of the cases or till you meet next time with a much notable change in you , well I don't mean you wear your best party gown or suit in a outdoor lunch meet. This will be too loud and uncomfortable to both of you.

I only grow my Socrates beard and stay in the same pair of denim for 15 days, the time I am single and not looking. You can't afford to be lethargic and cut down on toilettories and laundries once you initiated the divine hunt of ideal partner or already planning a honeymoon. It's a universal fact that most of the women in the whole world, irrespective of their culture and upbringing crave for beauty and cleanliness, it's one of the basic instincts they have.

Women need more mental preparation for the first date as they start judging a man with his presence and visible personality to judge a man which is like interiors by the great looking window pane. Man exhibit more patience then they have on the first date, I would say it is natural and they tend to loose the same patience as relation goes stronger.

The male and female basic attitude developed over ages will come to better terms slowly, it will take some more time for men to understand the sensitivity women possess, and women will understand the aggressiveness men live with. Am I elaborating it too much, well knowing the basis behavioral characteristics is the first important thing , the same principle of life will let you overcome common misunderstanding arising from the basic difference of attitude and behaviors of man and women around the world.

A first date with known person of not much known always have surprises waiting for you. If all goes well and there is an ideal partner as a pleasant surprise in front of you then you need remember the following not apply the and you have a gala

A Wrong date

If you make a date and then realize it's a mistake, don't be afraid to cancel, as long as it's not at the last minute. Better to be honest and disappoint the guy or the lady than subject yourself to an evening you'll hate.

A Blind Date

If it's a blind date set up by friends, or for some other reason you've never actually met the person you're going out with, keep your escape options open by meeting in a public place for "just a cup of coffee." Be "on the run" when you show up, to be pre-excused for a fast getaway if you don't like him or her. If you can tell in the first fifteen minutes that there's no way you ever want to see this person again, don't prolong the agony. Say something like, "Look, something tells me we're not a match made in heaven. I'm glad we met, but I really don't want to waste your time. Let's both get back to our busy lives.


If you are meeting someone you know than do some informal outing instead of a full-evening first date, enjoy some lighter moment by having a coffee at river-side in the afternoon or maybe some popping corns in a nearby multiplex watching your favorite actor in action. If it's a holiday then start with breakfast or at least lunch to have an open-ended date for the day.

Qualifying round

Make a genuine effort to know each other, ask question with good eye contact and sincerity. Do not throw your intro thru riddles, make is simple and to the point. Show interest in knowing each other but don't make the conversation too

A white trail to talk

If your date asks you about your ex, and you can't avoid the subject, talk in a gracious and kind way. If you badmouth your ex, (or exes), the person listening thinks "Why were you so stupid as to be with someone who was such a jerk?" Or, "Were they that awful when you met them, or did you drive them to act that way?"

Start fresh, reap good thought

Men and women both are drawn to people who are enjoying their lives. Your date is not your therapist. Don't go into your troubles. As I've explained elsewhere, no one wants to be around a depressed man or woman, unless they themselves are too sick to have a good relationship with.

No, let's be friends

Don't be shy about cutting a first date short if you don't think you'll get along. If you just know that the person isn't right for you, and you're having a terrible time, you aren't stuck. Say something like I suggested above, then, as you're leaving, be friendly and offer to help each other. "You know, I do have a friend who might be right for you, and I'll be happy to fix you up. Maybe you know someone who would like to meet me."


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