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Cake Toppers That Are Meaningful

Next to the bride and groom (and the bride's dress of course), it's the wedding cake that often takes center stage and draws attention in a wedding. That's why couples usually choose a cake topper that's not just beautiful but meaningful as well. Usually, it's a miniature bride and groom side by side or perhaps kissing, but these days, even more unique cake toppers have cropped up everywhere. Like for instance, if the couple is both sports enthusiast, the miniature bride and groom can be dressed in sports attire, rather than the traditional tux and bridal gown. There are even more interesting toppers like couples acting out funny scenarios of all kinds.

Creative cake toppers are fun. If you don't want the traditional bride and groom topper, you can opt for a letter initial, like perhaps the first letter of the name of the bride and groom, and then decorate it with flowers. You can also choose one that represents something that you both love or something that you're passionate about.

Like for example, you both love the sea, then perhaps you can get a sailboat topper. If you love music, you can get a piano topper or a guitar, or a musical note, or whatever. If you love to sing, you can order a bride and groom with microphones. You can also have simple and classic wedding cake toppers if you want. Like a simple heart, or a photo of the two of you, or something like that. You can also have edible ones, like those that are made of confectioner's sugar.

Then you can decorate it in soft, pretty colors. Or if you're the artistic type, you can have one sculpted in marble, of the bride and groom in a loving embrace. Or something abstract that symbolizes the joining of two hearts as one. Regardless of which one you decide on, the important thing is that you're not getting a cake topper just for the sake of it, but it should be something meaningful to you as a couple to remind you of your shared interests and how you even got to the point of marriage.

The author is an independent writer and has written articles about monogram cake toppers. Make your wedding cake absolutely beautiful for the wedding cameras. Check out Americanbridal.com for great ideas.


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