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Dating Tip How to Correctly Interpret the Body Language of Your Date Part

Body language is the so-called non-verbal language of the dating game. By now, you should be very familiar with this term. You have seen books, seminars and workshops, and countless forums discussions about body language. But do you really know how to interpret this kind of non-verbal medium? In this dating tip guide, I will show you how to read these signals which your date will be displaying, so that you are always one step ahead in this non-verbal aspect of the dating game. Eye Contact This is one of the easiest aspect of body language.

Let's say that you are now sitting with your date at a Starbucks café sipping mocha. Now, notice the way she look at you, when the both of you are conversing with each other. She may be sipping the mocha, but if her attentions are not on that cup of drink, then her eyes will be fixed on you. This is a sure-fire hint that she feels comfortable and interested in you. She would want to constantly get involved in the interaction by making good eye contact with you.

In this way, she is also indirectly signaling to you that she is honest and sincere about you. On the other hand, if your date is more interested in her cup of mocha, or that kid with the balloon, or that hunk with the suave and cool look, or anything else around her except you, then there is only one conclusion : she is not interested in you. She will not want to make proper eye contact with you, because that will make her really uncomfortable.

In the end, you just hope that your date is the shy type. And you continue to hope, but the situation is close to hopeless. If this is your first date, then you are sure as hell that it is going to be your last.

The pre-occupied mind If you happen to go out on a date who always seem to have a pre-occupied mind, then you will know straight away. She keeps adjusting her body while she is sitting as if there are ants beneath her feet. She keeps looking at her watch to check if it has run out of battery.

There she is, sitting right in front of you, but you know that her mind is just not with you - it is definitely drifting somewhere else. She may not offer a satisfactory explanation. But since you are not interesting her, she don't see a need to. This kind of behavior is a clear indication of a lack of interest, or a mind fully pre-occupied with that sexy male American Idol. Someone, or somewhere else, is on her mind. But definitely not you.

Silence is a deafening word Yes, silence is deafening, because it can speak a thousand words. You may have a lot to say about your date. You will tell her that she is so demure and cute, she is as sweet as candy, or as hot as chilli padi.

But she is not listening. She has very little to say about you. Whenever you are talking, she just kept silent.

It is as if you are talking to the wall. Perhaps she thinks that you will not appreciate hearing what she is thinking? But the fact is, she is just not very interested in you. You can try to console yourself that maybe she is not in a good mood. Maybe her dog accidentally peed on her shoes just before she left home to meet you. Maybe you can console yourself for the fact that it is time to move on to look for someone who will appreciate you more.

However, it is a different story altogether if she constantly keeps up with you in joining in the conversation. Very often, she will nod her head in appreciation. She will agree with and believe in anything you say.

Even if you tell her that you are going to fly her to Mars tomorrow, she will believe that too. She will laugh heartily at your jokes, even if they are the most lame in the world. She will start to ask more private questions about you, like your sleeping habits, or how often do you shave.

These are clear indications that you are halfway there. Tensed-up body posture You may not realize what you do when you are tensed-up. But then again, the situation is so uncomfortable, your mind may just go blank. These are the possible things that you would do : You keep adjusting your shirt.

You keep looking down on your shoes, but you had just polished it yesterday. You fold your arms so tightly across your chest that you have breathing difficulties. You turn away from the person you are facing, because this person is causing you so much distress. If your date shows any or all of the traits above, then you can start to think about that lonely journey back home. End of part 1.

Wyatt Lee has a passion for writing, and he writes extensively on the subject of dating and romance. For part 2 of the above article, please visit his Dating Tip blog.


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