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Father and Child Custody

If a divorce is amicable, the children have equal access to both parents and the consequences may not be terrible. However, if a divorce is bitter, the children are plunged into an ugly drama. Usually, the court grants a mother physical custody of the children. There are some extraneous circumstances, when the court can decide to assign custody to the father.

A Mother's Drug Abuse Not all women are model parents and, sometimes, in the event of a divorce, a court can decide that a woman is unfit to be assigned child custody. If the children's mother is proven to be addicted to drugs, the father might be considered the better parent to grant custody to. Drug abuse creates personality changes in people. A woman, who is into substance abuse, will not be able to make rational and responsible decisions on behalf of her children. She will also not be able to provide the right environment for their upbringing.

Alcoholism The courts frown on any kind of addiction especially when assigning child custody. Even if a mother loves her children but has a proven alcohol problem, the father could get child custody instead. An alcoholic is not seen as a responsible adult, especially in the context of bringing up children. Usually, an alcoholic has a lot of psychological problems and issues. Until these issues are sorted out, children may not be safe in the custody of an alcoholic.

Irresponsibility and Abandonment Different events can point to a woman being an irresponsible parent. If a man proves that his spouse is never at home, or doesn't have too much time for the children, he may be granted custody instead. There are also circumstances when a woman abandons her home to pursue another man or some other interest. Abandonment by a mother is a definite case in favour of the father being assigned child custody. Emotional Instability, Child Abuse, Etc. Children may not be very secure in the custody of a woman who is proven to be emotionally unstable.

Mood swings and bouts of insanity can create a negative impact on children and scar them for life. Also, being in the custody of someone who is mentally unstable can put children in harm's way. Physical abuse at the hands of a mother is another negative experience. The court usually sizes up the circumstances and the ability of each parent to act as responsible custodians. If a woman is seen as negatively impacting the future of her children, the father will be made custodian. Breaking the Law If a woman has been caught on the wrong side of the law, she is not the best influence on growing children.

If a woman has undergone a jail term or is serving a prison sentence, it will be recorded against the woman. If a couple decides to get divorced, a man can claim custody of the children using the woman's jail term against her. Man as a Single Parent Over centuries, woman has been assigned the role of a home maker. This being the case, the propagated notion has been that a mother would be the better parent to be assigned child custody, in the event of a divorce.

However, times have changed and this notion is being tested. Women are no longer only home makers and have active and thriving careers. This being the case, they are exposed to the same influences and circumstances that men are. Because both parents work, the man and woman take equal responsibility in running a home. Therefore, a man is just as likely to take the kids out to play or attend a school event, as a woman is. This sharing of responsibilities, makes a man, better equipped as a parent.

Being a single parent will be as difficult or as easy for a father in modern times as it is for a mother. Whether a man is used to sharing responsibility in the household or not, if a woman is unfit as a parent, he will be assigned custody. Conclusion Whichever parent is assigned child custody, it is a difficult experience for the children. Children are born into a world that both their parents have provided for them. To have one parent kept out of their everyday life is like having their world split apart.

However, since divorce warrants such a decision, the court takes it upon itself to assign child custody, to the parent who can offer the best future for the children.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you want to find out more about a solicitor managed divorce see http://www.managed-divorce.co.uk


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