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How To Know If She Is Interested

It is a woman's job to send signals, and it is a man's job to notice them and interpret them. If a woman notices you and decides she is interested, she will send you signals and will expect you to act upon them. Don't expect her to do it! This almost never happens.

Knowing what signals to look for is crucial. These signals are very subtle so you need to pay attention! Keep in mind they are hardly ever verbal which makes them even more difficult to detect. Knowing what the signals are is the first step. Eye Contact When a woman sees a man that she is interested in, the best non-verbal signal is making and holding eye contact with the man for a few seconds.

If she does this three or more times, this is a green light to approach her. If you wait too long however, she will quickly lose interest because you have shown her that you are shy and unsure of yourself. Worse yet, she may assume you are rejecting her! On the flip side of this, don't approach too soon. Wait for three signals then approach.

Smiling This should be very obvious even to the most dense of us. Smiling is universal and means she is interested. More Signs * Sitting up straight to show her breasts.

A woman instinctively knows that men like breasts. Her sitting in a manner that allows you to get a better look at them is an obvious sign of interest. * Crossing and uncrossing her legs. This is another way for a woman to expose part of her body to you.* Turning her head and exposing her bare neck.

Exposing the neck is a sign of sexual interest. A woman's neck is a very sensitive, erogenous zone. Even More Signs *Pointing her feet towards you. Most people don't know to look for this, but now you will know. Wherever her feet are pointing is where she would like to be.

If they are pointing towards you, she wants to be with you. If they are pointing away from you towards the door, then this is not a good sign! *If she crosses and uncrosses her legs she is showing off her body to you. Enjoy it but don't leer. *If she turns her head to expose her neck, she is probably thinking she wants you to kiss it.

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