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How to Win Women Over On A Date

Women are generally attracted to strong alpha males who have secure jobs and good bank balance in their accounts. It does not matter so much about the looks or the age of the male. So long as he is a good candidate to provide for her financially, this is more than enough.

So it is good that young guys study as much as they can to get good university degrees.

Armed with a tertiary education and degree, they have better chances to secure high paying jobs on entry level. To feel well provided for and to be cared by a husband who is financially secure is what most women want.

Never mind if you are not born with James Bond double Oh Seven looks and traits. Sometimes when you go out, you are amazed that how a pretty young gal could walk with an ugly man and how could they be a couple.

Thats because finances take precedence over other characteristics.

Smart women generally dont like to pair up with a male who cannot provide financially to the family. This is the very first feature they look out for. They dont like to slough it out holding two jobs or even three just to bring bread to the table and feed four mouths or more.

From experience, I have seen unlikely couples match up such as a young pretty girl with an old bloke who is more than two times her age and could be her father.

This explains why Wendi Deng, a young successful executive with a Masters degree finally married her boss who could be her grandfather. Obviously she married for money. Her husbands attraction is his immense colossal wealth.

But since there are so many women and men out there, and not every one is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, most women end up with average men who have a secure job and reasonably enough money to foot the wedding bill. As long as they are financially independent and have the ability to work and earn their monthly salaries, this is sufficient for the prospective wife.

You dont have to be a billionaire or a millionaire like Donald Trump to get a wife. Most simple women, in general, have simple tastes and requirements. These lowly educated gals from the villages do not have high expectations of their partners.

As long as they can be taken care of for the rest of their lives and dont have to work late at nights, they man is good enough for them.

He is husband material if he does not cheat on her and is a good father to her kids and a faithful husband to her.

Women are human beings too and are not complicated creatures if you treat them right from the beginning. To do this, you need to respect her as she is and not to belittle her in public or treat her like a second-class citizen. Be fair to her. And in turn, she will respect you back.

Trust and respect have to be earned and not to be taken for granted. You cannot expect your girlfriend to respect you as a person if you dont give her due appropriate respect in the first place.


About the Author (text)Rodrigo Rehn is a Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of http://www.FaceRomance Online Dating Services.

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