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Long Distance Relationship


Can long distance relationships last? Does "absence make the heart grow fonder" or is it "out of sight, out of mind"?

Long distance relationships can work but not forever. If you are trying online dating there is a good chance you may be faced with meeting a special someone that lives in far away. Many people have met this way and dated for a while and gotten married. They eventually had to compromise and figure out where they would live together.

If you are going to try long distance relationship, you have to make some effort. You need to keep in contact, reassure each other, share and plan reunions with enough time to satisfy your needs for closeness.

"Out of sight can lead to "out of mind" if your reunions are further apart than what can satisfy your needs. You need to reassure each other and if you begin to develop two separate lives, relationships, and interests then the relationship is doomed.

How easy and affordable is it for you to travel? Do you have to fly or is it just a car drive away. These are things you need to think about. Eventually you will need to meet in the middle if the long distance relationship becomes serious.   Some things you could do to keep the closeness in a long distance relationship:

Guys, send flowers on a regular basis.

Call quite often.

Send gifts.

Schedule reunions in advance so you have something to look forward to.

When you are together, do something fun and romantic.

Send E-cards, emails, faxes, cards in the mail, text messages on the cell phone, etc. Let them know you are thinking about them.

A long distance relationship can work and be a lot of fun but not forever. If you are trying dating services like online dating, look outside your local area. If a long distance relationship develops give it your best effort.

Many singles in two states have met through online dating, had a long distance relationship, and eventually got married. This probably happened due to the special things they did during their long distance relationship to develop closeness and nurture the relationship.

Don't be afraid of a long distance relationship. It can broaden your chances to meet your special someone.


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