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Mrs Robinson Are You Seducing Me

Better yet, have you ever tried seducing a woman? In the first place, do you know how to seduce a woman? Women are a natural in the seduction game. It is men who sometimes struggle and are left in the dark alone and solely counting on themselves for entertainment. Though that is a sad sight, there is always hope. The following tips and advice are just a few deeds men could do in order to make themselves irresistible to the opposite sex. Follow them and be blessed.

Pay attention to your physical attributes Have you ever seen Brad Pitt look un-clean and un-shaven? Does he still look attractive even if he is dirty-looking? The answer to both questions is yes. Unfortunately, not all men are gifted with Brad Pitt's looks. It would therefore help if men would make an effort to look stylish and clean.

The key is to always look your Oscar-best. The least you could do is maintain appropriate hygiene. It will definitely not hurt if you also have a good sense in fashion. Do not go overboard though. Stylish and clean shoes is perfect, a classy belt and a watch is good.

Be truthful and sincere Women who treasure themselves do not talk casually with strangers. It is natural for any one to have their own guards up when speaking to someone they do not know. Make sure you are honest and sincere with your intentions. This makes any woman comfortable enough to talk with you.

Smiling is also a good plus point. Just make sure you have a good set of clean teeth when you do smile. Comments that are sexual in nature should be avoided. Do not gaze at a woman's body as that is equal to salivating openly.

It is a big turn-off, unless of course both of you consensually want to romp in bed after and forget each other the next morning. Be charming Believe it or not, the act of being charming is really about being comfortable with your imperfections and ambiguities. It is being honest about yourself in a very good-natured way. It takes least effort to admit your flaws than having to constantly cover them up. Plus, it gets the girls to warm up to you. Also, do not forget to look someone in the eye.

It builds rapport and establishes a solid foundation to communicate openly. Make her think You need not ask her what the square root of forty nine is. You do not need to ask her who invented the light bulb. All you need to do is value and respect whatever her opinion is and ask her what she thinks.

This tells her that you have more in your mind than sex, women, cars, sports or yourself. Be chivalrous Make her believe that chivalry still exists. Of course, chivalry not only means being polite or courteous. It just does not mean opening doors and laying your jacket on a mud puddle so her dainty feet would not be dirtied.

Chivalry also means being ethical and following general etiquette rules in dealing with women. It is what your grandmother taught you, plain and simple. All in all, seduction is not just about sex. It is also about being attracted and attractive to the opposite sex and how you value their presence.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!


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