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Is Online Dating Safe?


Has it been a long time since you went out on a date? Maybe the last few people you've met just didn't light a spark in your heart. You've considered all the singles from work, the neighborhood, and the health club, and there really isn't anyone else in sight you can go out with.

If you're ready for adventure, you may be ready for online dating. Thousands of single people are giving this cyber system of romance a chance. Why be restricted by geographical limits to a few square miles bordering your home or workplace? Instead, why not meet new people from all over the country or around the world?

The main reservation that many singles have about online dating is safety. After all, when you register with a dating service, you won't get the chance to meet someone in person until you get acquainted by email, videoconferencing, and telephone exchanges. But without that body language component of watching someone's expressions, gestures, and movements, it may be difficult to assess a potential dating relationship until you meet in person.

Those who are thinking about signing up for online dating should carefully review a site's policies and security practices. If you decide to meet your cyber-date at some point, make it in a public place with other people around, like a well-lit restaurant or a populated museum. Before that, however, ask thoughtful questions that are open-ended to find out more about the person you may spend time with.


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