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The Chicago Humanities Festival

Have you ever noticed that for those with a particularly creative spirit, of all the times of the year, the span of weeks between October thirty first and December twenty fifth seem like the most drab? There is something to do for the artistic in nature all throughout the year with the exception of these weeks. In the summer there is the beaches, the winter has the many resorts and winter sports, spring has anywhere scenic as does fall, both seasons that instill inspiration in the creative at heart. But this period between fall and winter are just empty dreary gray days. However, there is one place where you can vacation during this time and have a great experience. Get your muse all fired up this year during the month of November at the Chicago, Illinois Humanities Festival.

This is an event celebrated every single year in the windy city where artist, poets, authors, writers, and virtually any other artisan in any and all creative art categories meet in one city to showcase their masterpieces. Since the culmination of this festival in the early 1990's, the Chicago Humanities Festival has grown exponentially year after year. There are artists in every genre and fans from around the globe that rush to Chicago by the thousands every year for this widely celebrated event. Every artistically oriented establishment in this massive city takes part in this grand celebration of creativity. Each year has a different theme for the art, so as to eventually encompass every form of art and each renowned artist in that particular category of interest.

For example, one year the theme was "Home and Away." In this the festival was centered on the interest of where you call home and the travels of life. Among the individuals that took part in this particular theme were renowned travel writers, historians, painters, actors, and authors.

One of the years prior to that the theme was Time. This was an artistic look at the concept of the passage of time, and how it is one of the few things that are set in stone, yet is relevant to the person traveling through it. Time passes at the same speed, yet it seems different for different people. You can imagine the conglomeration of art that erupted from that year's festival. There were artists, poets, and authors galore for that years event.

Time has always been a favorite fascination with artisans of all nationality and genres, as it is a fluid concept. As the trees grow slowly barren this season and the skies hit that in between stage of white and gray, it will seem like the world is going to sleep for a while, as if the seasons take longer than they should and the days are drab and dreary. Any artist will tell you that this is their least productive time of the year.

The muse seems to run away during this span of weeks. Little do they know that their muse took off for the Chicago Humanities Festival in Chicago Illinois?.



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